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The headquarter of Bargarh district lies on the National Highway No.6, Kolkata to Mumbai, hence well connected to the rest of the country with well-constructed road. It is one of the main towns in odisha and is also a famous tourist place. It is the administrative headquarters of Bargarh District. The district has an area of 5832 km² and is famous for its age old Sambalpuri Handloom. It is the midway of the two state capitals of Odisha (Bhubaneswar) and Chhattisgarh (Raipur) , making it a very convenient stopping point for people passing by. There are a lot of tourist attractions in and around Bargarh making it an Exciting destination for your holiday travels.

Nrusinghnath temple and waterfalls

Hotel Ganapathi, BargarhNrushinghanath is a popular pilgrim spot in Bargarh district of Orissa. For the past few centuries, lakhs of people go there every year in search of peace and solace. Lord Nrushinghanath is the presiding deity of the sacred mount Gandhamardhan endearing multitude of memories, astonishingly amalgamating the legends of the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Buddhist Era; even reminiscent of Bhoj Raj, Sant Kabir and Tantracharya Nagarjuna.

It also has a waterfall with boisterous and chilling water to replenish your soul with the holy water. Flowing out of the confluence of seven fountains, called saptadhar, it has an average width of twelve feet. No man made tributary can flow into it. Nothing can pollute or adulterate this holy stream. Apart from the religious fervour, the artistic beauty and grandeur of the temple is a major attraction for the pilgrimage tourists.


Hotel Ganapathi, BargarhA mere 30 km from the town of Bargarh stands the picturesque Hirakud Dam on the river “Mahanadi” - the longest dam in the world and the largest dam made of earth. Hirakud is an engineering marvel as well as a stunning site. From horizon to horizon, the reservoir forms the largest artificial lake in Asia with an area of 746 sq km and a shore line of over 640 km. A twenty-one km drive on the dyke offers a unique experience of calm serenity along the river waters and damn reservoir. One can comfortably enjoy the sight of the mighty Hirakud Dam and the fantastic expanse of water from the top of the revolving minaret called “Gandhi Minar” on the north, or from the “Nehru Minar” on the other end of the dam. A considerable number of migratory birds also come here during winter.

Debrigarh Sanctuary

Hotel Ganapathi, BargarhDebrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary in Sambalpur district, Odisha, India.It covers an area of 354 km².The pleasant environs of the Hirakud Lake supporting a mixed deciduous forest provide a natural habitat to a variety of wild life in the Debrigarh WildLife Sanctuary, which stretches across the Lohara and Debrigarh Reserve forests on the Barapahad hills in Baragarh district. The waterfalls tumbling down the hill sides during the monsoon and the proximity of the large Hirakud reservoir attract a number of tourists.

The tiger, leopard, sloth bear, chital, sambar, and nilgai inhabit this almost virgin forest. Besides, a host of resident and migratory birds such as the chousingha and the crested serpent eagle add colour to the landscape. The mugger crocodiles and freshwater turtles residing in large numbers add to the diversity of the reserve forest.

Dhanu Yatra (World's biggest open-air theatre )

Hotel Ganapathi, BargarhDhanu Jatra held at Bargarh in Odisha is a theatrical performance based on the stories of Lord Krishna and is considered to be the worlds largest open air theatre performance. Dhanu Yatra is observed for eleven days preceding Pausha Purnima – the full moon day of Pausha (December – January) – as per traditional Odia Calendar.

The uniqueness of Dhanuyatra lies in the fact that the action in the drama takes place at several locations in Bargarh and Amapali, which correctly fits into the episodes in the life of Krishna. Both actors and audiences move from place according to the requirement of a particular scene. Bargarh becomes Mathura, the river Jeera becomes river Yamuna and Ambapalli situated on the other side of Jeera becomes Gopapura. For all the eleven days, Bargarh city is transformed into a very big stage. The story of Maharaja (king) Kansa, his death and different acts of Lord Sri Krisha are enacted in 14 main places in Mathrua and 4 main places in Gopapura. Various episodes are organised at various places from sacred centres like temples to public places like ponds, rivers, cultural and commercial centres, transforms the entire locality into an open-air stage for the live show. All the people, including lakhs of outsiders, paying visit to the festival, become actors of the drama either assuming or pretending to be the subjects of Maharaja Kansa at Mathura and as friends or devotees of Lord Sri Krishna at Gopapura.

The festival also provides opportunity to local artists and for those from outside the region to showcase their talent and culture.

Sambalpuri Handloom

Hotel Ganapathi, BargarhSambalpuri Handloomis a traditional handwoven ikat or sari or saree (locally called shadhi) wherein the warp and the weft are tie-dyed before weaving. It is produced in the Bargarh, Sonepur, Sambalpur, Balangir district, Boudh District of Odisha. The saree is a traditional female garment in the Indian Subcontinent consisting of a strip of unstitched cloth ranging from four to nine metres in length that is draped over the body in various styles.

Sambalpuri sarees are known for their incorporation of traditional motifs like shankha (shell), chakra (wheel), phula (flower), all of which have deep symbolism, but the highpoint of these sarees is the traditional craftsmanship of the 'Bandhakala', the Tie-dye art reflected in their intricate weaves, also known as Sambalpuri "Ikkat". In this technique, the threads are first tie-dyed and later woven into a fabric, with the entire process taking many weeks. These sarees first became popular outside the state when the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi started wearing them. In the 1980s and 1990s they became popular across India